Tealight Warmers

Available in Red, Dalmatian and Gold finishes.

The Red Warmer is handblown glass with a speckled finish.
The Dalmatian Warmer is clear handblown glass with dalmatian embellishment.
The Gold Warmer is iron plated handblown glass with a shiny finish.

Dimensions: 120mmH x 120mmW

$25 each

Silver Mosaic Collection

Traditional handcrafted mosaic glassware, Please note that whilst every effort is made to maintain consistency, these are handmade and colour hue may vary between manufacturing batches.

Silver Mosaic Holder
Dimensions: 73mmH x 101mmD
$30 each

Silver Mosaic Large Holder
Dimensions: 85mmH x 114mmD
$35 each

Silver Mosaic Warmer
Dimensions: 137mmH x 111mmW
$40 each

Creative Holder

A decorative tealight holder that you can use to
express your creativity. The tealight is suspended using a metal frame to create a gorgeous glow through the ribbed glass.

Dimensions: 105mmH x 115mmW
$30 each or 2 for $55


Made from Stainless Steel.  The “bell” will rotate and swivel to enable snuffing of all jars and in all candle holders.

Available in Gold, Black and Silver.

Snuffers $25 AUD each